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Paris Song Masterlist [Mar. 19th, 2014|09:47 pm]
Just a list of all Paris' known songs.
Make sure you support P's music! Buy her album and officially released singles on iTunes!

- released/leaked
* unreleased
# clips only
% rumored

2004/2005 “Rock” album
- Screwed demo
# Untitled song in “Paris Cuts a Record” youtube vid

- Turn It Up
- Fightin’ Over Me
- Stars Are Blind
- I Want You
- Jealousy
- Heartbeat
- Nothing in this World
- Screwed
- Not Leaving Without You
- Turn You On
- Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
* Are You With It (clips can be heard in the deluxe PARIS dvd)
* Daddy’s Girl
* Love Me for Me
* Heart of Glass (Blondie cover)
* Bettie Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes cover)

Repo! the Genetic Opera
- Come Up and Try My New Parts
- Happiness is Not a Warm Scalpel
- Blame Not My Cheeks
- Zydrate Anatomy
(general movie, y’know)

Cancelled 2008 album
- My BFF
- Paris for President
- Jailhouse Baby
- I Need You
- Crave
- Platinum Blonde
# Boy oh Boys
# Girl Tax
* Globetrottin’
* Child of the 80’s
* Another Lifetime

* recorded songs w/ Darkchild during this time. Taura Stinton had on her old website about working on Paris’ Darkchild produced album.

Cancelled 2012-Afrojack album
- Last Night
% After Midnight (feat. LMFAO/Red Foo)
% You and I (In the Summertime) (feat. Snoop Dogg)

- Good Time
# I Just Wanna Dance (feat. Snoop Dogg?)
# Never Be Alone
* We Are One/We R 1
* Come Alive
* High Off My Love
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